Doug Floyd is by far the most creative person I have ever come across in my years of working experience. His creative talents are truly an blessing and an asset to anyone who works with or comes in contact with. Doug is also an honest, kind and generous person who I would love the opportunity to work with again.
– Bruce Goldinger, Respun Interactive

Doug is the quintessential all-purpose, twenty-first century thinker. Part businessman, part pastor, part philosopher, part family man, part poet and writer, Doug is always up for discussion on just about any topic. He is a critical and analytical thinker on most technological advancement issues and their applications to current culture.
– Gordon Adams, President, Vision Foundation, Inc.

Doug has an amazing ability to research and drill down to the core issues that must be addressed for a successful campaign. We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate in various capacities for 15+ years developing creative marketing campaigns in fields such as: consumer electronics, housing and software for both B2B and B2C markets. He never fails to surprise me with his insight, creativity and market precision.
– Carol Brooks, Principal, Co-Creative Marketing

Doug is an extremely versatile mind, a walking encyclopedia, who always is in search of more information. He is extremely personable, has a wonderful sense of humor and spiritual integrity, while his vast knowledge in many fields is sure to spark enjoyable and insightful conversations. Doug is a wonderful colleague and friend.
– Oana Harrison, Consumer Marketing Coordinator

This guy is awesome. Period. I learned a lot from Doug when we worked together and his approach to work is so refreshing. He’s inspiration to everyone he comes in contact with and truly loves to see people be the best they can be. Of course he’s creative and does great work but how he chooses to work and join with others makes him exceptional and a pleasure to be around.
– Stewart Pack, Art Director, Scripps Networks

I have known Doug for almost a decade now and my life is richer because of the time I have been able to spend with him. The great intellectual capacity of his brain is wonderfully balanced by the caring capacity of his heart. His curiosity is equaled by his compassion. Doug brings a wealth of knowledge to a wide range of subjects from theology to business, from movies to poetry, from technology to relationships, from the past to the future. He has the ability to integrate these subjects in wonderful ways. His sense of humor and laugh are contagious. Every time I spend time with Doug my mind and spirit are energized. Doug is a superb speaker, seminar leader, thinker and friend!
– Larry Warren, Pastor, Gloria Dei Lutheran

Doug Floyd is one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met. He’s on a lifelong, relentless pursuit of truth, knowledge and wisdom–and we who meet him are the beneficiaries of this vast treasure trove. Doug solves problems, often by thinking outside the box, always with wit and grace. Those who seek his input will not be disappointed!
– Jim Buchan, Founder, Crosslink Ministries

Doug is a strategic thinker who understands how people, teams and concepts are connected. He is an effective communicator and always challenges those around him with new ideas. – Mark Medley, Pastor Trinity Chapel